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Zipline Family Adventure

Zipline Family Adventure takes you on one of the most entertaining rides near downtown Gatlinburg. The tour takes about a hour and a half and consists of 9 ziplines to 6 tree top canopy platforms. They are the only zipline in the area that offers twilight canopy tours! It allows you to jump at night and see all the the amazing lights that Gatlinburg has to offer! Located off Savage Garden in Gatlinburg.

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I thought that this was one of the most exciting things that we did while we were on vacation in the Smokies! The kids absolutely enjoyed every minute of it! We have great pictures from it which will be lasting memories for us. The price was very a little steep but it was expected! A+++ it was very fun!

This was a great day for me and my family! It to a few hours but the adrenaline rush that you get and the speeds that you go are amazing. We took advantage of the night ziplines because of the weather during the day and we were glad that we did it.

We had a great time when we were here last year doing this! It does not take that long to do the whole tour…it was only about 7 ziplines which good because towards the end you get a little tired. The guides that took us through the whole course were really nice and helpful which was great because my kids weren’t the best at riding or listening on how to do it.

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