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Overall Rating4.

Magic Beyond Belief Theater is a wonderful family activity to take a part of while on vacation in Gatlinburg! You an the family can lay witness to stunning illusions, special effects, and more. They have a magic shop that is filled with items for the kids to have fun with. Located off the Parkway in Pigeon Forge.



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I was very surprised to say the least when I saw this show, I was very skeptic about seeing this show but I thought the kids might like it so we decided to check it out! I was happy my wife decided to make us go. The kids really liked the different magic tricks and illusions. It was fun for the family and that’s what mattered to me!

We went to the Magic Beyond Belief Theater last year and the girls really enjoyed it. The tricks that they performed were really cool! The girls kept asking me during the show…how did they do that? I said beats me!!They really know how to entertain a crowd which was the biggest part.

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